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Even Govan has had many great athletes grow up, learn, practise & live here. That is why we decided to create a Govan Hall of Fame. This includes athletes from 50 to 60 years ago! Some of the athletes shown here are from the Saskatchewans Hall of Fame, which is quite amazing! A few of these people listed are still playing the same sport today!

Govan Hall of Fame Listings

1967 Western Canadian Baseball Champs
Picture: Click here to view image.
Back Row (L - R): Dwight Fansher, Rob McLane, Archie Bruce, Bill Reid, Alan Fitzsimmons 
Middle Row (L - R): Irvin Travis (Manager), Larry Brossart, Reg Danbrook, Cliff Rodman, Jim King (Coach), Bill Bridges (President)
Front Row (L - R): Rick Davis, Merv Danbrook, Lorne Davis, Einor Orpin (Playing Coach)
Missing: Clare Hebron
Event: On a Labour Day weekend in 1967, Govan won the Western Canada Senior Baseball championship by beating Peace River of a score of 9-3.
These men are presented in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

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When submitting information for Hall of Fame please include ~ all players on team, team name, date it happened, where it happened & what sport it was in.

Did you know?

The Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area area was first protected in 1887, when 1025 hectares (ha) of land at the north end of Last Mountain Lake were set aside as breeding grounds for wild fowl, becoming the first federal bird sanctuary in North America.

Over 280 species of birds have been recorded at Last Mountain Lake NWA during migration.

Besides its values as a migratory stopover and a breeding area, Last Mountain Lake NWA provides appropriate habitat for 9 of Canada's 36 species of vulnerable, threatened and endangered birds.

For more information, visit the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area's website at Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area.


Above information pulled from Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area website.

Govan Skating Rink

During the winter season the skating rink is a great place to enjoy yourself. The skating rink was built in 1964 and was opened on Feb. 25, 1965. The old rink was moved to Duval, Sask.  This winter we are hoping to have something happening at the skating rink whenever we can. Whether it is public skating, shinny, or actual hockey games!


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events at the moment. Will post as hockey season starts!


Contact Information

Skating Rink Contact Info
Phone: (306) 484-2018
Address: 129 Monk St.

Chairperson Contact Info
Name: Kevin Cardiff
Phone: (306) 484-2229

Govan Hunting

Govan is a hunter's paradise. Hunters from all around North America come out to Govan to hunt the wild game. The local Govan Hotel provides a great service for hunters to stay at night. Govan is a community that's open to many hunters, and many of the local hunters have no problem showing people where the good hunting spots are. Just feel free to ask around!

Please remember to abide by the laws of the province when hunting. 
Before hunting on Private Land please get permission from land owner.

Govan Fishing

Govan is located approx. 15km from Last Mountain Lake, where you can fish Perch and Northern Pike. You can also ice fish on our lake in the winter time, which many local guys and gals do. Last Mountain Regional Park is equipped with camping sites, a boat launch, a 2ft - 12ft pool, a concession/grocery store, a golf course, a beach, a bird sanctuary and many other great services.

Please remember to abide by the laws of the province when fishing. 


Contact Information

Last Mountain Regional Park Info
Phone: (306) 484-4483
Golf: (306) 484-2071
Fax: (306) 484-2081
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: P.O. Box 27 Govan, SK S0G1Z0

Govan Curling Rink

Govan has always been a real curling town, every year Govan holds many bonspiels in which teams from the local areas enter. Govan also has many talented curlers who have competed at provincial levels. In 1974, there were a group of young boys who won the Provincial Championships, the team consisted of, Gordon Larson (skip), Fred Puffer (third), Robert Martin (second), Don Dabrowski (lead), and Glen Larson (spare). More recently, there was a group of young girls who won the Provincial Championship in 2008. The team consisted of Rachel Fritzler (skip), Kayla Cardiff (third), Alison DeHoop (second), Jodi Sorenson (lead), and Kendra Schulz (spare), these are just some of the great curlers in Govan in local communities. In 1954 a new curling rink was built, with better facilities. In 1955 the new rink was opened.

Interesting Fact: Govan's curling rink was one of the first towns of its size to have artificial ice installed.


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events at the moment. Curling season is coming up in November!


Contact Information

Curling Rink Contact Info
Phone: (306) 484-2070
Address: P.O. Box 177 Govan, SK S0G1Z0
Address: 205 Monk St.

President Contact Info
Name: Lorne Mortenson
Phone: (306) 484-2278


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