Govan Skating Rink

Govan Skating Rink

During the winter season the skating rink is a great place to enjoy yourself. The skating rink was built in 1964 and was opened on Feb. 25, 1965. The old rink was moved to Duval, Sask.  This winter we are hoping to have something happening at the skating rink whenever we can. Whether it is public skating, shinny, or actual hockey games!


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events at the moment. Will post as hockey season starts!


Contact Information

Skating Rink Contact Info
Phone: (306) 484-2018
Address: 129 Monk St.

Chairperson Contact Info
Name: Kevin Cardiff
Phone: (306) 484-2229


Phone: (306) 484-2011
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
101 Elgin Street, Govan, SK
Box 160 Govan, SK S0G1Z0